Ultrasonic Level Sensor


An economical solution to your analog sensing need: the Ultrasonic Level Sensor can be used as a simple multipoint level switch or for continuous feedback through a 4–20 mA loop. With no moving parts and fully programmable settings, it is more flexible than float level switches. Its compact size and robust construction make it well suited for industrial or mobile equipment.


  • Water tanks
  • Hydraulic units
  • Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs)


  • 5” to 78” (13 to 200 cm) sensing range
  • 4 digital outputs & 1 analog (4–20 mA) output
  • Cast aluminum body with IP65 rating
  • 1” NPT process connection
  • Digital display with push buttons for setup
  • Advanced USB programming
  • Compensation for fluid sloshing

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Ultrasonic Level Sensor
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