HI/LO Gear Pump


AP-HL is a HI/LO cast iron Hydraulic Gear Pump with max pressure of 900 psi for the low pressure pump and 3000 psi for the high pressure pump. The change from LO to HI pressure is automatic with the LO side pressure preset from 400 to 900 psi. Applications for the HI/LO pump are log splitters, presses etc. where rapid movement of the cylinder at low pressure is required prior to automatically switching to the high pressure to meet load requirements.


  • Mounting flange: 4F17
  • Displacement range (CIR): 0.385/0.13 to 0.793/0.265
  • Maximum operating pressure (PSIG): 3000 PSI
  • Shaft option: parallel shaft(keyed)

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